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Affordable custom web site development services tailored to establish your online Internet presence.
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Web software development Customized to Automate your business process.
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Internet Marketing
Get your website ranked in the top 10 results for Google™, Yahoo™ and MSN™!. We have a proven search engine optimization track record!..
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Graphic Design
Online Customer retention management using Sticky "Look and Feel" GUI and friendly User interface.
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Video & Multimedia
Our multimedia services cover three main areas: Animations, Video & Multimedia Presentation design and creation
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Web Promotion (Internet Marketing)

................................................................................................ Web Promotion & Search Engine Optimization:
We are a search engine optimization company; there is a difference between web site submissions firm and a search engine optimization firm.

Having a website and not actively promoting it is like starting a business and not printing and handing out your visiting cards. There are millions of websites out there and every site is trying for a top spot in search engine results.

The answer is Search Engine Optimization. It’s not by fluke that most sites appear at top positions on search engines. There’s art and science involved in it - sort of method to the madness. As a search engine optimization firm we ensure that all bases are covered before your site is submitted to a search engine. If you are looking for online advertising, a way to promote your site, and good search engine positioning in the major search engines, we can help you.

Our search engine optimization and registration services strategies are well thought out; we are a turnkey firm and recognize that a search engine optimization is a key integral to the whole equation. We are well versed when customers inquire about search engine optimization. Registration ~ search engine marketing ~ web site submissions; is our forte. We are a search engine optimization company by experience, not by talk.


Still have doubt why do you need Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ?


Look at the Quick facts we have compiled through various research:

  • 83% of Internet users go straight to search engines to find what they're looking for!

  • Google™ alone provides roughly 48% of all Internet searches and together Google™, Yahoo™ and MSN™ cover approximately 82% of all searches worldwide.

  • 93% of users don’t look further than the first 2 pages of search results. Most prefer to use another search engine rather than click past the first 10 results. so it is absolutely vital that your website is listed on at least the top 3 search engines - Google™, Yahoo™ and MSN™, otherwise you will lose 80% of your potential customers to your competitors.

  • 33% of users believe companies found in the top search results are a major brand in their specific product/service category. SEM raises your online profile and builds brand awareness.

  • SEM has been proven to yield a higher Return On Investment in terms of generating more traffic to your website, qualified sales leads and customer acquisitions than any other marketing channel. Please enquire for relevant examples.


Why choose UNiSOFT Solutions for Search Engine Marketing?

  • We provide you with accountable results via regular campaign reporting. We are committed to achieving the highest (Return of Investment) ROI for our clients.
  • Our research into search engine ranking criteria and algorithms gives you a competitive advantage in maximising your rankings.
  • We can help reduce the cost of new client acquisition while at the same time increasing your brand awareness.
  • We deliver an instant traffic boost to your website.
  • We have formed strategic partnerships and alliances with local and global search engine portals such as Google, Yahoo, Overture, Inktomi and more
  • Search engines regularly change the way they rank websites. Search engine optimization techniques are constantly changing as the top search engines regularly update the way they rank pages, particularly Google™. Our Web Promotion Team always keeps up to date with all the latest search engine optimization news and applies new techniques wherever possible.

Get your website ranked in the top 10 results for Google™, Yahoo™ and MSN™!


Let Our Web Promotion Team help your website achieve a top 10 ranking in all top 3 search engines. We can take care of your search engine optimization campaign from day one. Our services cover all aspects of search engine optimization including keyword research, link building, copywriting, on-page optimization and more.

We are eager to learn more about your search engine optimization /web promotion/online marketing/search engine marketing project and its unique requirements - contact us now »


We have a proven search engine optimization track record!

See for yourself the outstanding search engine optimization results that we have achieved for our clients.


Click here for SEO/SEM Portfolio


Why act now?

Q. When one of your potential customers conducts a query via a major search engine, only one of two outcomes is possible

1. They will find your website
2. They will find your competitor’s website.


Which will it be?

A. The answer is entirely dependent upon your website’s visibility amongst the search engines. If your website is not performing well, every time the customer queries the keyword or phase relevant to your website’s product or service offering, your company is losing potential business!


So don’t wait any longer, ACT NOW!

Get more visitors to your site!
Get more visitors to your site with automatic submission to over 200 leading search engines. Let us do your submission work @PRICE: US$25.00